Creativity creates new value

In addition to manufacturing, we integrate technology and manufacturing based on the customer's needs, and also build entire equipment from the ground up while incorporating other companies products.

Regardless of the project size, we have a deep understanding of each project and think about what is needed to optimize the whole based on our specialized knowledge. Since the entire project is overseen, a thorough understanding of the flow and the characteristics of each required component specification is required. To explain in an easy-to-understand manner with the user's point of view is one of the important skills.

IBS aim to be a professional engineering group that always considers the best selection in detail, with vendors, our company, and users working together.


Technological and development capability

IBS products are used in equipment, facilities, and factories in all industries, supporting social infrastructure.

Among them, developed and exclusive products account for the majority, and each one of them is developed from customer needs, and is provided as product and service.

Technological and development capability
Total Engineering Service
Total Engineering Service

Listening to the customer's opinions, we plan and offer through the sales, and also review the detailed specifications with the professionals in the field.

We work on detailed design based on the specifications, regarding production, and surely proceed until the product meets the requirements and deliver what you are satisfied with.

Flexibility to meet various needs

We have grown by listening to our customers' needs, and will actively respond to any requirements.

Global support is also available with our network. For example, we offer the overseas maintenance for customized equipment with the overseas offices.

Flexibility to meet various needs


Service procedure from the proposal to the backup service after delivery
  • No.1

    We propose the best products and introduction plans based on in-depth interviews.

    IBS's mission is to "develop products that can create new value in niche fields", and we incorporate various verification methods and tools in order to constantly question the essence, and carry out development that turns the PDCA cycle appropriately. We IBS are doing our best and striving to be a top-notch producst and sevice supplier.

  • No.2

    We prepare products with the necessary specifications and quantities based on the plan.

    We prepare the necessary products based on the plan. If our ready-made products do not meet the specifications, the repairment and customization would be considered.

  • No.3

    Products delivery installed in the equipment as needed

    We deliver the ordered products. If necessary, our engineers can travel to your facility and carry out the installation.

  • No.4

    Maintenance work after delivery fulfilled post-delivery backup service

    After delivery, the maintenance is necessary for the product to operate apropriately. We also offer not only for the regular maintenance work, but also the after-sales follow-up services that you can consult us about further improvements after operation.

Sales performance

Sales performance
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