What we can do for future earth

IBS Group aims to solve social issues through business to achieve the SDGs goals and realize sustainable society.

5S initiatives5S initiatives

Decent Work and Economic GrowthResponsible Consumption and Production

5S initiatives lead to contribution to SDGs!

We IBS is actively engaged in these activities.
5S initiatives are essential to eliminate "unreasonableness, wastefulness and unevenness" and to create work environment where all employees can work "easily, quickly and reliably".

What does 5S mean?

5S Check

Be conscious and work on.

With these initiatives, the Occupational Health and Safety Committee conducts 5S check once a week and improve the conditions of facilities and offices, and also work on rules.

A well-organized office reduces the time spent looking for things and can be used effectively. There is also economic effect such as avoiding double purchases of unnecessary items. As a result, productivity improve, and it also contributes to SDGs "8. Decent Work and Economic Growth" and "12. Responsible Consumption and Production"!


Prioritize the safety

From 2022, safety managers and health managers have teamed up to start "safety activities." We are also working on improving dangerous work and places for the maintainance of safer environment in the office.

If the internal environment is good, all employees can work "easily, quickly and reliably", and as a result, it leads to "improvement of employee engagement" and "CSR activities".

Prioritize the safetySAFETY

We protect water and environment.Water

Clean Water and SanitationAffordable and Clean EnergyIndustry, Innovation and Infrastructure

SDGs contributed by fluid control equipment

IBS is the versatile manufacturer of fluid control equipment.
We design, develop, manufacture, sales, import/export, and maintenance for fluid control equipment not only in Japan but globally.

What is ”fluid control equipment"?

"Fluid" is a general term for gases and liquids and it refers to equipment accurately measures and controls this "fluid." It is used in a wide range of industries such as semiconductor devices, liquid crystal displays, LEDs and solar panels.


IBS products applications

Fluid control equipment handled by us is adopted in various fields.
In what fields are the products used and what goals of the SDGs does it contribute to?

Water treatment

・Pure generator
・Polluted water purifier
・Public water treatment plant

Clean Water and Sanitation

New energy

・Home fuel cell
・Solar photoelectric generation
・Wind power generation
・Hydrogen station

Affordable and Clean Energy

Semiconductor/Communication equipment

・Smartphone/ Liquid crystal film vapor deposition equipment
・Optical fiber production
・Semiconductor inspection equipment
・Etching equipment

 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

In addition to the 3(three) fields introduced this time, we contribute to various items such as "3. Health and welfare for all people" in the medical equipment field and "11. Community development where people can continue to live" in the life and healthcare field.

Manufacturing industry initiativesManufacturing

Affordable and Clean EnergyIndustry, Innovation and InfrastructureIndustry, Innovation and Infrastructure

SDGs contributed by fluid control equipment

As a manufacturing company, IBS actively contributes to the 17 SDGs, especially "7. Affordable and clean energy", "9. Industry and innovation infrastructure" and "12. Responsible consumption and production".

IBS products applications

Fluid control equipment handled by us is adopted in various fields. In what fields are the products used and what does theSDGs goals it contribute to?

Clean EnergyAffordable and Clean Energy
7.Affordable and Clean Energy

Energy is the biggest challenge in combating climate change. We are working to deliver clean energy that can be used safely to the whole world.

  • In-office lighting uses low-power LEDs.
  • IBS products are used in new energy fields such as solar or wind power generation.
InfrastructureIndustry, Innovation and Infrastructure
9.Industry,Innovation and Infrastructure

Strengthening infrastructure contribute to industrial development and technological innovation. We are also working to create a system that enables immediate recovery from disasters.

  • We shift the existing systems to the cloud and strengthen IT infrastructure.
  • We secure the infrastructure with security measure.
LogisticsResponsible Consumption and Production
12. Responsible Consumption and Production

We handle the resources with working on reuse and reduction so that we do not create or use "more than necessary" or "unnecessary things".

  • Our suppliers reuse trays for the delivery to reduce waste.
  • Corrugated cardboard boxes for shipping are nested to reduce excess packaging and cushioning materials.
  • We develop the products that can be used semi-permanently with replacement maintenance.