Greetings from IBS's representative Greeting

株式会社IBS 代表取締役 早川剛一

We IBS aim to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society with boldly taking on challenges, creating new value, even in a rapidly changing economic environment with many difficulties awaiting us.

We further accelerate our aggressive expansion into medical life sciences, new energy, aerospace, agriculture (agriculture, forestry, fisheries and livestock industry), advanced technology research, and Asia.

The future is not somewhere. We make it by ourselves now. We keep moving to create an overwhelming team that always questions what the essence is and can "move together" in the world!

株式会社IBS 代表取締役 早川剛一 サイン

Corporate mission

Challenge niche fields boldly, create new value with the power of fluid control combination, and grow together with people around the world beyond individual harmony.

Best practice

Best practice

  • Challenge without being afraid of change
  • Be humble and grateful
  • When two paths open before you, take the harder one.
  • For the crew
  • Identify the essence